Rules of Procedure and Evidence
4 Mar 2019Rules of procedure and evidence (MICT/1/Rev.5)

Previous versions and related documents

6 Nov 2018Rules of Procedure and Evidence (MICT/1/Rev.4)
9 Apr 2018Rules of Procedure and Evidence (MICT/1/Rev.3)
3 Oct 2016Amendment of 26 September 2016 (MICT/1/Amend.2)
26 Sep 2016Rules of Procedure and Evidence (MICT/1/Rev.2)
25 Apr 2016Amendment of 18 April 2016 (MICT/1/Amend.1)
18 Apr 2016Rules of Procedure and Evidence (MICT 1/Rev.1)
17 Aug 2012Corrigendum to Rules (MICT/1/Corr.1)
8 Jun 2012Rules of Procedure and Evidence (MICT/1)